Welcome to Jan's Childcare

Hours, Fees and Payment



I work flexible hours between 7am and 6pm Monday to Thursday.  The days and hours detailed in the contract form the minimum payment I will receive, whether or not the child attends for all of the contracted hours.


Day care Fee’s  


  • Hourly rate                                                   £4.00 per hour
  • Minimum Charge                                          2 hours per day
  • Overnight                                                     Not available
  • Bank Holidays by special arrangement         £5.00 per hour 


Overtime Rate        

  • Before 8am and after 6pm= £5 p/hr
  • Bank holidays (by special arrangement only) = £5 p/hr
  • Late collection fee= £1.50 per 15 minutes of lateness.


Before and after school care

  • Min of 2 hours per day and 2 days per week = £4.00 p/hr
  • 2nd child attending  = £ 3.50 p/hr



  • Child/ Parent annual holiday = Full Fee ( retainer)
  • Childminder annual holiday= No Fee
  • School holidays (child not attending)= Full Fee ( retainer)
  • Occasional days off-Child/parent=Full Fee
  • Occasional days off-Childminder=No Fee
  • Bank Holidays = No Fee



  • Child/Parent= Full Fee
  • Childminder= No Fee


All fees include:

  • Snacks, & drinks 
  • Transfers to and from playgroup and school
  • Snack for after school children
  • Toddler groups and local excursions (some excursions will require parent contributions)


Payment of fees:

  • Payment of fees by Cash, Salary sacrifice childcare vouchers, Bacs.
  • Must be paid in advance.



·        Fees for outings will be advised when the consent form is issued and are payable by the parent before the day of the trip. Fees for outings are variable, depending on entry charges.  These are paid on top of the hourly charge for care.